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Dear Cindy & Meghan: Let's Talk About Who's Really Being Silenced Over Prop. 8
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Hollywood and political celebrities are such lemmings. AIDS ribbons. Foreign baby adoptions. Livestrong bracelets. Now, every fame-seeker and left-wing panderer wants his/her mouth duct-taped to show solidarity with the gay marriage movement.

The latest slave to fashion? Cindy McCain, following in the oh-so-edgy-for-Tinseltown footsteps of her daughter, MEghan:

Who’s silencing these Prop. 8 opponents? They’re more overexposed than Mariah Carey’s bosom. They can talk and talk and talk without fear of retribution, intimidation, or physical violence:

Meanwhile, Prop. 8 supporters and donors have been hounded, threatened, blacklisted, beaten, and forced to resign from their jobs for exercising their political free speech.

On Friday, a liberal San Francisco Chronicle columnist decried the latest thug tactics against a 96-year-old Mormon community activist who is now the target of an anti-Prop. 8 witch hunt:

I certainly understand the anger fomented by one individual’s generous contribution to the clearly mean-spirited campaign of Proposition 8. But, I’m not so sure I agree with the message being sent by gay and lesbian activists in the case of 96-year-old Lorenzo Hoopes.

The civic-minded Oakland citizen – with more than 50 years’ experience in public service – is currently the target of gay-rights activists who say his $26,000 contribution in support of the 2008 ballot initiative that reversed the state’s same-sex marriage law makes him unfit to hold public office.

And to make their point, critics have launched a campaign to block his reappointment to the board of directors of the Paramount Theatre, a city-owned landmark in downtown Oakland.

On its face, the campaign to remove Hoopes from an inconsequential seat on an inconsequential public board appears to be as mean-spirited as the same-sex marriage ban itself. Hoopes, who is Mormon, wasn’t on anyone’s radar screen until after the ballot initiative won voter approval in November 2008.

Since then, his reappointment has become such a hot-button issue that Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums withdrew Hoopes’ nomination from the Oakland City Council’s agenda package this week. A Dellums’ spokesman said the mayor wanted more time to consider the reappointment. Given his support for same-sex marriage, Dellums will likely withdraw the Hoopes nomination, said one mayoral aide. As mayor, Dellums has appointment power to all city boards and commissions.

Hoopes’ opponents believe that anyone who played a role as significant as he did on the ballot initiative should not be allowed to serve in any public capacity. His contribution was the largest by any Oakland resident.

But it’s even more than that: They want Hoopes to feel the same public humiliation felt by the gay community as the result of a vicious series of televised campaign ads paid for by people like him.

…The nation’s changing culture is proof positive that Hoopes’ standard of marriage is no longer the only valid viewpoint of society’s ultimate union, but in a democracy based on individual religious and political freedoms, seeking to exclude – or completely ban – others for not sharing your politics is just as wrong.

Cindy and MEghan McCain’s silence on the continued thuggery of their anti-Prop. 8 duct-tape wielders speaks volumes.


Ann Althouse: “I get that she supports same-sex marriage, but what does that have to do with anybody forcibly silencing her? If you have something to say, lady, just say it and quit blaming others.”

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