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"You Know You Are Getting to These Kossacks and Moveon.Org-Anisms When They Come After You."
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The nutroots have launched a smear campaign against the moderate Democrats who run Hillbuzz.

Background from Cynthia Yockey.

Hillbuzz responds here:

There have been many times in the last two years when we’ve been attacked by the Left, and we’ve thought about just giving all of this up and going back to who we were before 2008. Writing for this site takes a lot out of us, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, you name it. Our quality of life suffers, because we have to skip fun things we’d like to do because we have essays to write and strategy to get out to you. We do this because we don’t see anyone else doing it, and if we weren’t at this, the Left would win a small victory…since their goal is, clearly, to shut down all opposition and harass anyone who opposes them into submission.

You know you are getting to these Kossacks and when they come after you.

That means you are on to something, and they are afraid, so they throw everything they have at you to scare you into shutting up and running away.

After two years of this abuse heaped on us, it barely registers anymore. Not even when they cross a line and start attacking us personally, in our personal lives, the way some of them did yesterday. What may have scared us a few years ago instead just makes us get on a phone to a lawyer to begin procedures against these would-be bullies.

It is absolutely no fun standing up to Alinksy Methods and radical tactics. It is hard, hard work. You will be maligned for standing your ground. You will be personally attacked by these nuts if you are successful and they see you as some sort of threat. Somewhere, perhaps even originated at the White House itself, hit lists are made for distribution to the current president’s armies of trolls, orcs, and goblins, telling them whom to harass each week.

Michelle Malkin gets this. Glenn Beck gets it. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Erik Erikson, Dennis Miller, and anyone else challenging the Left gets it.

We are in the very strange position now, as moderate Democrats, to be on the receiving end of this garbage ourselves, joining other PUMAs out there who’ve been targeted by the nutroots for refusing to be silenced as we watch Liberals on the far left destroy what used to be the Democrat Party.

They are furious at us for helping Scott Brown win on Tuesday. They are enraged we decided to do whatever we could to draw support to his campaign, and to mitigate any attacks the Left could make against Brown.


They are angry we’re goading Republicans to have a battle plan for January 20th, since the Left wants conservatives, moderates, and the entire GOP to drink themselves stupid celebrating on January 19th, so that the Left can find a way to keep Brown from being seated in the days after that — when Republicans normally go into hibernation and stop paying any attention to what’s going on.

We are not going to let that happen.


Illegitimi non carborundum.

Hat tip: Instapundit.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Kos, Nutroots, Unhinged