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SEIU Watch: More Workers Revolt Against Power-Grabbing Purple Shirts
“It was anything but SEIU.”
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Good news: The “persuasion of power” is losing its potency.

Most Frequent White House Visitor Andy Stern, head of the radical SEIU, has waved around his brass knuckles for years with impunity. No more.

In October, I reported on the parental revolt among home-based health care workers against the SEIU’s invasive, membership roll-boosting strategy in Illinois (a strategy that had gone unopposed in many other states). The remarkable grass-roots opposition to SEIU in the land of Daley, Blago, Rahm, and Obama prevailed; SEIU’s bid to unionize home-based health care workers went down in flames.

Now, workers in Kitsap County WA are standing up to SEIU’s thuggery:

The National Labor Relations Board may ultimately decide whether workers at Kitsap Mental Health Services still are represented by the Service Employees International Union.

While one employee said there is some division among staff over the current status of the SEIU, many said Tuesday they want no part of it. The union has represented KMHS employees since about 1991 under two locals, including the present one, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.

SEIU leaders recently sent a letter to high-ranking legislators accusing KMHS of union-busting and misuse of state-appropriated funds. A day after that news was published in the Kitsap Sun, KMHS employees gave their perspectives on the story.

Some employees aren’t ruling out other union representation in the future.

“I felt like the union wanted me to believe that the management was bad and that I needed the protection of the union,” said therapist David Secrest. “I want a union that communicates and works with management without an adversarial relationship.”

Said clerk Jackie Fitzgerald, “I think we can do this ourselves.”

Agreed Tina D’Astoli, an office coordinator, “We’re going with no union … We can always bring in another union; we could even be our own guild.

“It was anything but SEIU.”

There’s your bumper sticker of the month, straight from workers’ lips: “It was anything but SEIU.”

The Purple Shirt’s corrupt and corrupted reputation is finally getting around. Keep spreading the word:

Photoshop credit: American Power

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