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More Nebraska Voters Call Out Cornhuckster Ben Nelson
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Yesterday, I published a scathing letter from a Nebraska doctor to Ben Nelson.

Dr. Becky Hollibaugh of Friend, NE minced no words: “You have my disgust and disdain forever, you socialist-coddling coward.”

And as I noted yesterday, the backlash against Nelson’s sellout is building.

And more Nebraskans are calling the Cornhuckster out.

From Nebraskans Kelli and John Thomazin:

We are deeply disappointed at your lack of moral courage. You have misrepresented the people of Nebraska, and have jumped on the moral relativism band-wagon, where is your honor to your constituents?

You have sold us out and have allowed our goverment to pay for the killing of unborn babies for the trade off of medicaid funding. How pathetic. You have been bought.

You will not get our support nor the support of many of our friends. Your political career is over. You had a chance to stand up against a bill that does not solve our health care problems and you failed us! Where is there

talk of tort reform and competition for our health care dollars? The goverment will not be able to help run a better health care system.

We are saddened by your vote. You should strongly consider NOT voting with the Democrats for this bill just so that “something” gets passed. This is not a good solution on mulitple accounts. More work should be done to solve

the problem and not rush into something we will regret.

There are certainly problems in our system, but this bill does not solve them effeciently. I would love to listen to all the points of this bill not just the point of children being able to be covered under a private plan and

not be denied coverage.

Please speak loudly for your constituents and not for the political party. Nebraska does NOT want this bill passed.

From Nebraskan Suzanne Gage:

In brief, I want to thank you for having an articulate, consistent and principled, conservative voice. You are to be admired.

I am a wife and mother of five sons. I have been active in campaigns and the political process for nearly my entire life. We attended the emergency rally in Omaha, Nebraska this afternoon and plan on visiting Senator Nelson’s office tomorrow with a group of families who are deeply concerned with our Senator’s willingness to vote for this flawed policy. I am ashamed that he sold out to benefit our state to the detriment of the rest of the nation. This is NOT how would desire him to represent us. It is reprehensible. The bill is wrong for so many reasons. I deeply regret that our wonderful state will be negatively thought of because of his actions.

Last election he was endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life with his apparent pro-life commitment. This commitment has evaporated.

Elections matter, the impact of their results may not evidence themselves for years to come. Nelson won his first gubernatorial election with a recount by only 42 votes. He won the general election by only 4,000 votes.

Every vote matters.

GOP Nebraska Sen. Sen Mike Johanns calls Nelson’s betrayal of his pro-life principles “reprehensible:”

In a stunning choice of words, Republican Sen. Mike Johanns described the abortion compromise negotiated by his Nebraska colleague as “reprehensible.”

“If you are pro-life,” Johanns said, “you cannot vote to end debate on this bill.”

During a telephone interview moments later, Nelson said he believed it’s “not appropriate for someone to cast any aspersions on someone else’s principles and whether they’re pro-life enough.”

Toughen up, buttercup. You made your bed.

Nelson said his compromise language ensures that no public funds may be used for abortions and gives states the right to pass a law barring insurance coverage for abortions within state borders.

His language “walls off public money so it may not be used for elective abortions, either directly or indirectly,” he said.

National Right to Life rejected the compromise and warned it will consider any votes supporting the bill as “votes in favor of legislation to allow the federal government to subsidize private insurance plans that cover abortion on demand.”

The organization said the abortion language is “light years removed” from stricter anti-abortion funding legislation approved by the House.

Give Ben The Boot.


Update: Grassroots NE is holding a protest at Nelson’s office in Lincoln tomorrow. Details here.

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