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Thumbs Down: Nebraska Pro-Life Group Responds to Demcare Abortion "Compromise;" Update: Nelson Says He Can't Support Cloture Now
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Scroll for updates…

We still haven’t seen Harry Reid’s Demcare legislation or the CBO scoring of said vapor bill or the language on how illegal aliens would be handled or the text of the so-called “compromise” on abortion coverage/subsidies.

Gotta love the transparent, deliberative process, eh?

Late tonight, Nebraskans for Life sent me a statement on what they are hearing from Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson’s office about the abortion amendment being cooked up by Sens. Nelson, Bob Casey, and Barbara Boxer (red flag):


December 16, 2009



LINCOLN– “We have not seen the actual Casey language addressing abortion. We only know what has been imparted to us verbally by Senator Nelson’s staff late this afternoon.” said Julie Schmit-Albin, Executive Director of Nebraska Right to Life.

“From what we know, without seeing the actual language, it in no way resembles the Stupak language and still allows federal subsidies for plans that cover abortion on demand, which is entirely unacceptable for Nebraska Right to Life and thousands of Nebraskans who oppose public funding of elective abortion.” said Schmit-Albin. “The proposed opt-out clause is particularly offensive — the federal government would treat abortion on demand as if it was really health care, and then allow people to apply for status as conscientious objectors? Give me a break.”

CBN’s David Brody reports what he’s hearing:

While the exact language isn’t known at this point, we do know that the key issue being worked on is how to segregate federal and private funds when it comes to paying for abortions. We understand that staffs from both Senator Bob Casey and Senator Ben Nelson’s office are involved. Also, we understand from a source on the Hill that Barbara Boxer’s office is playing a role as well.

This source who is familiar with the situation on the Hill tells The Brody File that an agreement on the abortion language could be struck by Thursday and if so it is “most likely” that this abortion language would be included in a final “Manager’s Amendment”.


Update 1:00pm Eastern 12/17…Nebraskans for Life transcribed some of Sen. Nelson’s remarks on the Jack & John Show on KLIN this morning 12/17/09 :

Q: Has the federal funding for abortion language been changed enough to satisfy you?

A: No, that alone is reason to not to vote for cloture. Hyde should not be weakened, either directly or indirectly. Stupak language is the right language. Others want to improve but don’t know if they will be successful.

Q If abortion language is to your satisfaction , is that enough to vote for cloture?

A: No

Q: Casey’s language.


A: Waiting for feedback, I”ll make the decision. Getting input wherever we can. Without further modification it (Casey) isn’t sufficient. Important things have been added (teen pregnancy initiatives, refund tax credit for adoption: lot of improvement.) But the basics of funding abortion not answered yet.

Q: Deadline.

A: A deadline that is not achievable is not helpful. I can’t tell you in the next week if there is something they can do on the abortion language but I don’t see how.

Not going to be rushed into a deadline. Can’t vote now for cloture on motion to proceed.

The Hill also reports that Nelson’s a no right now.

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