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White Anchor at Indelibly White Network Decries "White Tribalism"
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There he goes again. Racial bean-counter Chris Matthews, of the indelibly white MSNBC, is attacking conservatives for stoking “white tribalism:”

On the Sunday, December 13, syndicated Chris Matthews Show, as he ended the show with words of praise for Morgan Freeman’s latest film, Invictus, and its depiction of Nelson Mandela uniting blacks and whites in South Africa in the 1990s, host Matthews referred to “white tribalism” having been stirred up in America, and showed clips of anti-Obama protesters.

Matthews: “In this world of ours today, it seems that any idiot – almost any idiot can rally the forces of tribalism, including white tribalism in this country. You can do it with a frown or a smile – easiest thing in the world to rile people back to their roots, get them thinking with all the rage of their grandparents.”


Demonstrating its continuing commitment to “Do As We Say” diversity, Matthews’ network has announced a new addition to its own glaringly pallid line-up, via TVNewser:

NBC News White House correspondents Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie will be anchoring a new program for MSNBC, reports WaPo’s Howie Kurtz.

The program, titled “Daily Rundown,” will air at 9amET in 2010, filling the slot formerly occupied by Dylan Ratigan’s “Morning Meeting,” who, we heard, will be on in the afternoon.

Todd says the program “has the feel of a signature Washington show for us.”

The sanctimony of liberal white tribes never ceases to amuse.

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