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NBC's "Law and Order" Putting Conservative Media on Trial?
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Reader Alex e-mails: “During the finale of ‘The Biggest Loser’ last night, NBC aired a promo spot for an episode of Law and Order where a conservative talk show host is put on trial for murder based on creating a ‘climate of hate.’ I know you’ve covered this aspect of the census worker story…”

Indeed. I’ve written extensively on how the Left convicted prominent conservatives of the Kentucky census worker “murder” — which turned out to be a suicide and botched insurance hoax.

Now, it appears NBC’s “Law and Order” is going to use the case for its on infotainment purposes — right down to the “FED” in ink scrawled on a dead body. Yep, this grim case and the criminalization of conservatism that it prompted will now be Hollywood fodder.

I certainly hope unhinged hanging judge Andrew Sullivan was not a script consultant.

Here’s one of the promos for the show posted on the “Law and Order” website:


Update: Glenn Beck responds.

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