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Race-Hustling Meltdown of the Day
NYC Councilman Charlie Barron pulls a Kanye West.
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It’s a doozy. In NYC, City Councilman Charles Barron threw a hissy fit at a community college ground-breaking when he didn’t get a prize seat at the event podium.

He hijacked the celebration, jumped on stage, and launched a tirade against those who “disrespected” him. When a college trustee dared to challenge the unhinged Barron, he whipped out the race card and accused his critic of being an “ignorant racist” — a smear he repeated over and over again while everyone else in the room ducked and cringed.

Nation of cowards, indeed:

If Barron’s name is familiar, you probably remember his infamous threat to slap white people for his mental health, his criticism of black police officers as “House Negroes,” or his attacks on critics of thug Robert Mugabe as…RAAAACIST.

Poor Charlie One Note

Yelled willy nilly

Until he was blue in the face

For holding one note was his ace.


Commenter Palani: “Gee, this sounds a lot like Kanye West’s temper tantrum at the recent MTV awards.”



Match made in race-baiting hell: Barron + Joy “Black Friday is RAAACIST” Behar.

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