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When Will the Left Retract the Kentucky Census Worker Case Smear?
“We believe it was an intentional act on his part to take his own life."
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Reminder: This was the smear graphic spread on far Left blogs that accuses prominent conservatives of contributing to the death of Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman. Note the caption at the bottom: “He reaped what they sowed.”

When will the Left retract the Kentucky census worker case smear against conservatives? I’m not holding my breath since I raised this question 11 days ago and there’s been no response. But I’m not going to let it go.

On Nov. 13, I wrote:

Do you remember when the Left convicted prominent conservatives, myself included, in the death of the Kentucky census worker in September?

I do.

Here’s a reminder.

Andrew Sullivan pointed his finger at “Southern populist terrorism, whipped up by the GOP and its Fox and talk radio cohorts” in a post titled “No Suicide,” which decried the “Kentucky lynching.”

When I called him and other nutroots opportunists out for exploiting the case and when I reiterated that authorities had NOT ruled out suicide, he smugly nominated me for his “Malkin Award” and wrote: “Many of the details she pooh-poohs have now been confirmed. In fact, the murder seems even grislier the more you examine it.”

Oh, really?

In fact, law enforcement officials are still investigating the case as a possible suicide — and are raising the possibility of an insurance scheme by Bill Sparkman for his son…

Ready for the bombshell confirmation? This afternoon, the Kentucky State Police and FBI made it official and announced that Sparkman had indeed killed himself:

A U.S. Census worker found dead in a secluded Clay County cemetery killed himself but tried to make the death look like a homicide, authorities have concluded.

Bill Sparkman, 51, of London, might have tried to cover the manner of his death to preserve payments under life-insurance polices that he had taken out. The policies wouldn’t pay off if Sparkman committed suicide, state police Capt. Lisa Rudzinski said.

“We believe it was an intentional act on his part to take his own life,” said Rudzinski, who helped lead the investigation.

Bill Sparkman, the census worker found hanged Sept. 12 in a remote patch of Daniel Boone National Forest in Clay County. An autopsy report is pending. Photo courtesy of Corbin Times-Tribune. AP – FILE – In this undated 2008 photo, Bill Sparkman speaks to a 7th grade class during a lesson about sound waves. Authorities have released Sparkman’s body to his family nearly a month after he was found dead with a rope around his neck in rural eastern Kentucky. (AP Photo/The Times-Tribune, File)

Sparkman’s nude body was found Sept. 12 by people visiting the cemetery. There was a rope around his neck tied to a tree, and he had what appeared to be the word “fed” written on his chest in black marker.

His census identification card was taped to his head.

The bizarre details of the death caused a firestorm of media coverage and widespread speculation on the Internet, including that someone angry at the federal government attacked Sparkman as he went door to door, gathering census information.

There has been some anti-census sentiment in the country this year, and Sparkman apparently tried to capitalize on that with his ruse.

That’s right. It was a set-up from the start. Sparkman’s enablers on the Left and in the media have still failed to acknowledge their culpability.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good smear campaign, eh?

As I wrote on Oct. 9:

Bill Sparkman was tied to a tree by the neck (his feet touching the ground when discovered) and the word “fed” had been scrawled on his chest with a felt-tip pen. Police are still investigating and haven’t ruled out three possibilities: suicide, accidental death or homicide. “We’re not responding to any of the speculation, the innuendo, or the rumors,” Don Trosper, spokesman for the Kentucky State Police, told the Christian Science Monitor last week. “The Kentucky State Police concerns itself with facts.”

But this hasn’t stopped rabid opportunists from convicting outspoken conservatives in the media of the unresolved crime/non-crime/incident.


The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan immediately fingered “Southern populist terrorism, whipped up by the GOP and its Fox and talk radio cohorts.” Author Richard Benjamin acknowledged that the area where Sparkman died is an infamous drug haven, but zeroed in on “anti-government bile” as his favored culprit. Benjamin singled out GOP Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota for her criticism of ACORN and the Census.

“Progressive” talk show host Stephanie Miller blamed the Tea Party movement for inciting violence. Echoing the unhinged liberal base, New York magazine indicted conservative talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh, “conservative media personalities, websites, and even members of Congress.”

They did this with the abortionist George Tiller shooting in Kansas and the Holocaust Museum shooting in Washington, D.C., and the Binghamton immigration center shooting in New York. Motives had yet to be determined and bodies were still warm, but that did not stop the liberal stampede from redefining conservative political expression as an incitement to violence.

This cynical move to demonize criticism of the census is part of a larger drive by the Left to muzzle limited-government advocates at every opportunity. Who needs the Fairness Doctrine? The criminalization of conservative dissent is well underway.


More fakery: Dan Riehl notes that law enforcement officials say there was no evidence he had cancer, as he had claimed to family, friends, students, and neighbors.

Flashback: I killed the Kentucky Census worker — along with every conservative in America

Andrew Sullivan’s too busy nursing his Palin-induced psychosis to own up.

Reminder: Andrew Sullivan, Sept. 26, 2009: “No Suicide: That’s the one thing we know for certain now in the case of the Kentucky lynching.”

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