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Where Was Corruptocrat AG Eric Holder Last Night? Pandering to the P.C. Mob
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Attorney General Eric Holder, Team Obama’s Dirty Dozen (get your trading cards here)

I mentioned this event in my Fort Hood column last week — and it went as nauseatingly as expected: Corruptocrat Attorney General Eric Holder flew to Detroit last night to pay homage to Arab-American/Muslim grievance groups and to reassure them that he’s backing them up:

Reaching out to Arab Americans and Muslims, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a Detroit speech Thursday night that their full rights must be protected as the country battles security threats.

“This is not blind adherence to political correctness,” Holder told hundreds at the Detroit Marriott in the Renaissance Center. “It is devotion to our founding documents.”

He said that it’s vital that all ethnic and religious groups in America be treated equally. He also said racial profiling was bad policy that breeds mistrust and division.

“For the last nine months, I’ve heard from Muslim and Arab Americans who feel uneasy about their relationship with their government, who feel isolated and discriminated against by law enforcement,” Holder said. “It is inconsistent with what America is all about.”

…Holder spoke at the banquet of Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust, which consists of about 100 minority groups and law enforcement officials in metro Detroit.

That group includes the local branch of CAIR — yes, CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation jihadi charity funding case.

Islam Online spotlighted Holder’s anti-profiling speech approvingly under the title “US Blasts Muslim Profiling, Vows Protection.”

Local Muslim mau-mau-ers also cheered:

Imad Hamad, the Midwest regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, called the Detroit event a “golden opportunity” to learn how the Justice Department under President Barack Obama will differ from that of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Hamad said while Holder was “on target” with his speech, the real test of how the Justice Department will protect the civil liberties of Arab-Americans and Muslims is yet to come.

“He is setting the tone for the nation and all law enforcement, and that is very important,” Hamad said. “He managed to define the line between the new administration and the Bush administration.

“The ultimate test … is the future.”

Daniel Pipes gives you a brief rundown of Hamad’s radical thuggery here. He was among the first to start agitating over a “backlash” after Fort Hood and he immediately pulled out the victim card after the Detroit shooting of jihadist Luqman Abdullah.

While corruptocrat Holder panders to the p.c. mob with his Bush-bashing red meat, the Senate is investigating the “red flags galore” that p.c.-paralyzed officials ignored in the jihadist Nidal Hasan case.



From the Pentagon:

The Pentagon said Thursday it will scour its procedures for identifying volatile soldiers hidden in the ranks following the Fort Hood shooting rampage and lapses that might allow others to slip through bureaucratic cracks.

“It is prudent to determine immediately whether there are internal weaknesses or procedural shortcomings in the department that could make us vulnerable in the future,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said.

Which will require, yes, profiling.

Flashback: Profiling – Hyperbole, hysteria, and hypocrisy

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