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Another Day, Another Berkeley Tantrum
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Tuition hikes and custodian layoffs were the latest excuse for a UC Berkeley campus tantrum.

The San Francisco Chronicle called the student takeover of Wheeler Hall an “occupation.”

In the old days, dyed-in-the-wool libs would practice civil disobedience and accept their punishment.

In the Age of No Consequences, Berkeley students demand that they be allowed to break rules, disrupt campus life, and create chaos without any repercussions:

Police arrested about 40 protesters inside UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall tonight, ending an 11-hour occupation of the building on the third day of raucous protests and strikes over labor disputes and the UC Regents vote Thursday to increase student fees by 32 percent.

…The demonstrators demanded that 38 custodians who had recently been laid off or fired be reinstated. They also wanted assurances that they would face no legal repercussions after they agreed to leave the building.

Protest organizers said the arrested demonstrators would be led out of the building at about 7:15 p.m. and charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

Outside Wheeler Hall, a two-story building in the middle of campus, protesters seemed to be positioning themselves to block any exit.

As night fell on the campus and rain-soaked protesters, the crowd chanted, “We’re tired, we’re cold, UC Berkeley won’t be sold.”

Geez, even the Berkeley tree occupiers didn’t whine this much.


Check out the protest photo gallery:

What is up with the red war paint?

Bandanas and keffiyehs are de rigueur, of course.

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