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SEIU Thugs Lash Back Over Boy Scout Debacle
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On Monday, I spotlighted SEIU thuggery in Allentown, Pa., over a Boy Scout’s volunteer work. SEIU’s Nick Balzano threatened to file a grievance when a teenager pursuing his Eagle Scout badge contributed too much free labor clearing walking paths and improving his neighborhood.

The story, first published in The Morning Call, was picked up by Fox News and provoked a big backlash against Big Labor bullies.

SEIU is hopping mad — and spinning. Badly:

A little fact vs. fiction is needed in the latest right-wing smear against SEIU.

Fiction: An SEIU local is filing a grievance against the city of Allentown, PA because a Boy Scout cleaned a local hiking trail.

Fact: There is no fact to this claim being pushed by the disreputable Fox News and other right-wing outlets like Michelle Malkin’s accuracy challenged blog.

Fiction: Nick Balzano, who unfortunately provided the initial response to queries on the matter, is the president of SEIU or an SEIU local.

Fact: Nick Balzano is with the Allentown chapter of SEIU Local 32BJ and is NOT the president of the local or the International. Indeed, his comments were completely unauthorized and inappropriate.

Fiction: SEIU is picking a fight with the Boy Scouts of America

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. SEIU has a history of supporting the Boy Scouts. Indeed, just last year SEIU 1199 President George Gresham was honored by the Greater Boy Scouts of New York.

Fact: SEIU has apologized to Mayor of Allentown for this misunderstanding and is in the process of getting in contact with the Allentown Boy Scouts of America Council to apologize to scout as well.

Fact: While Nick Balzano misspoke in his exchange with a reporter, his frustration over the recently laid off workers in Allentown is a sentiment shared by families all around Pennsylvania and this country. In the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton Metropolitan Statistical Area, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate 9.5%, up from 5.9% just one year ago.

SEIU 32BJ will continue its ongoing efforts to find these men and women jobs to support their families during the upcoming Holiday season and beyond.

Well, here’s a fact: You can hear Balzano’s comments at the city council meeting yourself right here.

Fact: The Morning Call continues to describe SEIU officer Balzano as “president of Allentown’s largest union.”

Fact: The audio makes it unmistakenly clear that Balzano was not “misspeaking” about his intent to file a grievance against the Boy Scout and against any other volunteer who dares pick up a hoe or shovel in Allentown.

Fact: The SEIU Purple Shirts have been caught with their brass knuckles showing. And it won’t be the last time.

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