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Americorps Watchdog Smeared. Now, He's Cleared. Over to You, Obama.
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Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

The White House railroaded and smeared Americorps watchdog Gerald Walpin.

Now, Walpin has been cleared of any wrongdoing in his pursuit of taxpayer fraud and abuse by Obama crony mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson.

The Obama FBI has conveniently shut down a probe of Johnson’s fiscal shenanigans, of course. (Just like they covered for corruptocrat Bill Richardson in New Mexico and for the New Black Panther Party thugs in Philadelphia.)

And the smear merchants in Chicago-on-the Potomac refuse to apologize or budge. Natch. There’s too much at stake — a $6 billion national service slush fund for the friends of Barack and meddling Michelle Obama. Walpin is too much of a threat to the Americrooks racket.

The culture of corruption continues.

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