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Making Sure the Message Sticks: More Rejected RNC Forms
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Conservatives are making sure the RNC and NRCC hear their voices. As I mentioned this morning, readers continue to e-mail me copies of the rejected RNC solicitation forms they’ve sent back to Washington.

GOP offices better prepare for a new onslaught. As I said earlier this morning, the repercussions of NY-23 will be felt well beyond New York’s borders.

From reader Denise:

From reader Keith:

From reader Catherine:

From reader Rakkasan:

And reader Jeff:


GOP leader John Boehner today via J.P. Freire:

When asked about rumors that the New York Republican Party picked Scozzafava because of the advice of Washington insiders who felt she would be a more electable candidate, Boehner rolled his eyes. “We told them to hold off on a decision, to work with us, but they went ahead and did it.”

So if she was a rotten egg, why spend money? “All the money spent on that race was anti-Owens money, not pro-Scozzafava money.”

The second claim is demonstrably false, casting fatal doubt on the first claim, too.

J.P. also has this reminder of NRCC trashing of Hoffman:

“[Conservative] Party bosses in New York have been sold a bill of goods in the form of Doug Hoffman’s deceptive smoke-and-mirrors campaign, but fortunately they aren’t the ones deciding this election,” said Paul Lindsay, a spokesman for the NRCC, which has produced Web ads attacking Hoffman’s conservative bona fides. “We will continue to remind New Yorkers that a vote for Hoffman or Bill Owens is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and her far-left, radical agenda.”



Related: Michael Patrick Leahy spotlights how Scozzafava’s endorsement of Democrat Owens put him over the top.

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