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Abortion Remains the Obamacare Sticking Point...For House Dems
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While leftist pundits wail and moan about the “extremism” of the Right, it’s pro-life House Democrats who continue to cause the majority the biggest headache as they wrangle over Obamacare:

Would abortions be easier or harder to obtain under the health care overhaul legislation that the House of Representatives is likely to consider later this week?

It depends on how one interprets the bill.

Abortion foes are upset that the measure would require plans that offer elective abortion services to set aside at least a dollar a month from each of their patient’s private premium dollars in an account strictly apart from any federal funds.

That segregated funding, abortion-rights backers say, would assure that federal money wouldn’t be used.

They point to a different part of the bill to illustrate how they respect the rights of abortion opponents: The bill would require the new health exchanges, or marketplaces generally organized by state or region, to offer at least one insurance plan that doesn’t include abortion services.

Abortion opponents aren’t pleased.

To Rep. Bart Stupak , D- Mich. , such policies would “depart from current laws in important and troubling ways.”

…Anti-abortion lawmakers, thought to include 20 to 40 Democrats and virtually all the 177 Republicans, have expressed serious concerns about abortion language in the health care bill.

Democrats control 256 of the 435 House seats — two are vacant — and 218 are needed for a majority, but party leaders are convinced that a compromise on the abortion language can be reached shortly. The Senate , where Democrats control 60 of the 100 seats, is expected to follow suit.

Jill Stanek breaks down the phony House amendment designed to lure pro-life House Dems back into the fold.

Beware of your leaders, House Dems. Like Joe Wilson said: They lie!

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