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Message to GOP: Can You Hear Conservatives Now?; Update: Palin Is Listening
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Scroll down for updates…Palin endorses conservative Doug Hoffman…

From reader Barnaby, who sent back his crossed-out Republican solicitation forms with a “NO RINOS” sticky note for Newt Gingrich:

From reader K., a message to GOP Rep. Jeb Hensarling’s office:

As you’ve hopefully figured out by now, your boss really stepped in it with the endorsement of this left-winger in New York.

Jeb likes to tell everyone how he’s a ‘conservative first and a Republican second,’ but the endorsement of Dede Scozzafava made it clear where his current priorities lie.

I’ve contributed thousands of dollars to your boss over the years. In the past, I’ve always been quick to tell a crowd how much I love Jeb Hensarling. I love his speeches, and I (usually) like the way he votes, but unless Jeb changes his priorities as a Republican leader, he’ll never see another dime or hear another word of support from me.

Reader Shirley sends the note she sent to the NRCC and the automated reply she received in response:

I just returned a questionnaire from Michael Steele and the RNC a few weeks ago, but could not include a contribution. I also received a questionnaire and a request for money from John Boehner and promptly dispatched that to the shredder. Unfortunately, I do not trust the RNC, NRCC nor any of you so called “Republicans” to invest my money wisely in promoting truly conservative candidates. Thank goodness I did NOT send any of my hard earned money.

All of you have pulled the wool over my eyes for quite some time now. No more. After your latest debacle in NY and your support of another RINO, you will not succeed in leading me down that well worn path of Republican self-destruction.

I knew that Newt was leading the Republicans astray with his patronization/appeasement of Pelosi (on the big, comfy, global warming couch), and his traipsing around the countryside with the hustler Sharpton, but to come out in support of Scozzafava? You must be kidding?

The RNC has fallen in step with a huge contribution to support this so called Republican, Scozzafava?

The Republican National Committee also confirmed Friday that it was making a six-figure transfer to the National Republican Campaign Committee to help in that race.

The NRCC has already spent nearly half a million dollars on advertising and other independent expenditures. And with the Scozzafava campaign on television only sparingly — reportedly because of slow fundraising — it has become the main source of advertising for the Republicans at this point.

The RNC is also giving $85,000 to the state party, the maximum allowed for a coordinated campaign, and has two staffers on the ground in the district.

In a letter to supporters, Gingrich called the Nov. 3 special election “an important test” for the party in advance of the 2010 mid-term election. Scozzafava is “Our best chance to put responsible and principled leaders in Washington,” he said.

Since all of you seem to know so much more than I do, why don’t you explain to ALL of us conservatives why you would not support Hoffman. On second thought, don’t bother.

And, tell me WHY I would send money to any of you! On second thought, don’t bother. I don’t even live in NY, but you have hoodwinked me for the last time.

Self-destruct if you wish; you won’t take me with you – not this time.


Subject: Thank you for your thoughts and comments

Date: 10/17/2009 11:16:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: [email protected]

Reply To:




Sent on:

Thank you for contacting the Republican National Committee. We certainly appreciated your email, and will include your thoughts in our report to the Chairman. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future with any of your thoughts, opinions or observations.

Office of Constituent Services

Republican National Committee

[email protected]

And from reader Paul to the RNC and NRCC:

I have been a Republican voter for pretty nearly my entire adult life,ut am getting fed up with our Republican “leaders” and their increasing support for, though you call them moderates, radical, left wing ideologues such as Dede Scozzafava, proud winner of the Margaret Sanger Award.

In the past two weeks, according to one poll, Doug Hoffman has closed the gap quite a bit (from 16% against Scozzafava’s 35%, to 23% to Scozzafava’s 29%) and done that WITHOUT YOUR MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT. Why you have chosen to completely ignore your base, the ones at the town halls this summer, the ones at the Tea Parties (including yours truly on the Capitol lawn on 9/12), those of us who are DEMANDING that the spending madness stop, and that government get out of our lives is beyond me.

It’s political suicide.

Stop attacking Doug Hoffman now! Stop this madness. Or, simply resign from you’re membership in the GOP and do what you know you really want to do: join Arlen Specter. Leave the Republican party to those who believe principles mean something.


My voter registration is “Unaffiliated” and will never be Republican again until you oust the likes Scozzafava (though there are certainly more) from the list of those you support. You will not get one red cent from me until I see evidence that you are doing what is right, which you certainly are not at this time.

I am not even a NY resident, but will consider donating to Doug Hoffman’s campaign

The Wall Street Journal had a story on the race with the headline, “Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy.” The truth is the opposite: The GOP establishment complicates the Republican and conservative comeback strategy.

Attention, GOP establishment: Can you hear conservatives now?


Update: Sarah Palin is listening.

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