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NY-23 Watch: the Scozzafava Meltdown Continues
Stuck on stupid.
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One thing is guaranteed at the conclusion of the NY-23 special congressional election: The Beltway Republicans who endorsed radical leftist Dede Scozzafava are going to have indelible egg stains on their faces. And GOP establishment fund-raising organizations will be the poorer for it.

What a freaking embarrassment:

Dede Scozzafava, the Republican candidate in the hot 23rd Congressional District race, picked an unusual spot for a news conference this morning — the sidewalk in front of the Watertown headquarters of her Conservative opponent, Doug Hoffman…

“Dede Scozzafava is either extremely cynical or has a very short memory,” Hoffman campaign spokesman Rob Ryan said in a prepared response. “On Aug. 19, 2009, the Hoffman campaign challenged Dede Scozzafava to a series of three to five debates across the district. We asked the Republican county chairs to sponsor them. The Hoffman campaign even offered to pick up the rental costs of the venues. Both Scozzafava and the GOP county chairs refused.

“Dede Scozzafava is desperate; she flip-flops on issue after issue, she calls the police on reporters, and now she claims she hasn’t had an opportunity to debate. It’s sad,” Ryan said. “Dede Scozzafava’s staff needs to tell her that she’s the spoiler in this race and that for the good of the Republican Party and her own reputation she should drop out of the race now.”

TCOT Report has more. And more here.

The Margaret Sanger Award winner told her local paper she became alarmed when mild-mannered Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack asked about her views on taxpayer funding of abortion.

No comment from Scozzafava supporter Newt Gingrich.


Reader Sharon e-mails:

Dear Michelle, I’m a resident of Carthage, NY, part of NY-23. I’m a registered Republican and am completely embarrassed by Dede Scozzafava. A local news website,, has some pictures of her press conference from this morning. When we first heard it was happening we were elated, thinking she was dropping out and supporting Hoffman. But in typical Dede style, she let us down and just complained about lack of debates.

Reader Tony e-mails:

I have been volunteering my time and effort for Doug since August. On October 4th, the Upstate New York Tea Party hosted a health care forum in Plattsburgh, NY. It was attended by Dede Scozzafava and Doug Hoffman as well as approx. 200 people including myself.

A question was posed on taxpayer funded abortions. She stated that she was pro-choice and “would not discriminate against any women on the basis of income” i.e. she’s for taxpayer funded abortions. It was printed the day after in the local paper, the Press Republican,

” When the issue of abortion came up, Scozzafava said that she is pro-choice and would not discriminate against anyone on the basis of income when it came to that procedure. Hoffman said he would be against utilizing taxpayer money for abortions.”

The Weekly Standard blog also makes mention of her not answering a question regarding any new taxes to pay for health care. I can tell that this was the first question put to her at the forum. I remember it well because I wrote it. She was very firm in stating that she would oppose any new taxes/fees/penalties connected to any health care bill. I guess she must have reconsidered since. Just as she was pretty firm that she was against the Democrats health care bill but now has seemingly changed her mind in order to accommodate her liberal base and the New York State Union of Teachers (NYSUT). My wife is a public school teacher and she was informed by her union that Scozzafava supported the tenets of the Obama health care plan.

Reader MV sent this letter to the NRCC:

Dear NRCC,

I was shocked to read who the NRCC and RNC is supporting in the NY-23 race. Dede Scozzafava is no Republican. At best, she is a Blue Dog Democrat, though probably to the far left of them.

Do Democrats throw their support behind proven social and fiscal conservatives who, for some reason, have a “D” beside their name? NO! So why does the Republican establishment support a liberal who happens to have an “R” beside her name and, on top of that, in a race in a strongly Republican district?

We have more than enough Democrats and liberals in Washington right now. And have you not noticed the uprising in the country against the direction they are taking us?

I am utterly disappointed that Newt Gingrich believes this is the way to bring the Republican Party back to power. Needless to say, I beg to differ.

Please, PLEASE, give the following a try; what have you got to lose at this point?: Without exception, and regardless of district, support only fiscal and social conservatives. I predict that you will have a base who will respond eagerly with their voices and dollars. And supporting candidates who unabashedly embrace the core principles of conservatism – because those are the policies that work for America – will convince Independents and responsible Democrats to come in our direction over time. We certainly do not need to go in the direction that a Congresswoman Scozzafava would take us.

And from the WSJ:

One lesson of the Democratic gains in Congress in 2006 and 2008 is that a party needs to nominate candidates who fit their districts. Conservative stands won’t always fit in the Northeast the way they might in the South. Single-issue litmus tests can be self-defeating.

But GOP candidates ought to at least agree on some core principles, such as limited government and limits on the power of unions that have done so much to bust New York’s budget and drive jobs from the state. Some Republicans think Ms. Scozzafava might even switch parties if she wins and faces the prospect of a tough GOP primary next year.


All of which suggests that the best result might be for Mr. Hoffman—who promises to caucus with Republicans—to emerge as the main opponent to the Democrat. A divided GOP vote could elect the Democrat and add to their majority. But Mr. Hoffman might even win if enough voters abandon Ms. Scozzafava. James Buckley won a Senate seat as the Conservative candidate in New York in 1970 against a pair of major-party liberals.

Above all, a defeat would teach Republicans that running candidates who believe in nothing will keep them in the minority for years to come.



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