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Is Your Teacher Lobbying for Obamacare at School Today?
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A tipster e-mails: “Keep up the good work. Thought you’d like to see what Maryland teachers are being sent today (during school hours, school e-mail).”

Dear XXXXXXX [redacted]

We’ve waited long enough.

Right now, everyone is paying for the cost of our broken health care system. People with “pre-existing conditions” are being denied coverage by insurers. Women are being charged 30-51% more than men for the same health insurance policies. Newborn babies are being denied coverage because they’re “too fat” or “too small.” And a jaw-dropping 44,000 people a year are dying because they lack health insurance. How much longer will Americans need to wait before Congress acts?

Image removed by sender. Call Congress Oct 20th

Today, we’re sending our message loud and clear – that it’s time to deliver on health care. Call 1-800-603-SEIU and use this form to report back on your call.

Local 500 members are joining with voters across the country in calling Congress today, October 20th. Our union has a vibrant presence in Washington, and we’ve been hard at work lobbying for this legislation, but we’re powerless without the participation of our membership. We’ve set a goal of making 3,000 calls from members online, but we need your help to get there. Make three calls (two Senators, one Representative), and tell your members of Congress you expect reform that:

* Ends insurance company abuse;

* Makes health care affordable for everyone;

* Includes a strong public health insurance option;

* Requires employers to pay their fair share;

* Does not contain taxes or more costs to working families who are already paying more than their fair share into the system.

I hope you’ll call each of your members of Congress today at 1-800-603-SEIU and share this email with other SEIU members. We can’t let insurance companies dictate what happens in Congress, because when they win, we lose.


Merle Cuttitta


SEIU Local 500

P.S. When you call, let the Congressional staffer know you’re an SEIU member. Let’s show our presence on these calls today, then report back on how it went.

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