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Hot Air Balloon Drama Preempts Obama; Update: Where Is the Boy?; Update: Punked?!; Update: "We Did This for a Show"
The Storm Chasers are Fame Chasers.
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Scroll for updates…something reeks…balloonboy tells the truth…”We did it for the show”…

President Obama was on the tube when a truly breath-taking and horrible drama overtook him.

There’s a 6-year-old boy stuck in a homemade hot air ballon vehicle floating over the skies near Denver.

All cable stations have cut away to provide video.

Authorities are now trying to rescue him.

As a mother, I can’t bear to watch. Please pray for this little boy’s safety. Dear Lord.

Greeley Tribune:

An errant experimental aircraft attached to a helium hot-air balloon is racing uncontrollably through the Weld County skies today, reportedly with a 6-year-old boy alone inside.

The aircraft, a silver flying-saucer shape, launched from Fort Collins and has been sighted near Weld County roads 46 and 33, about 2 miles northeast of Gilcrest. More information will be posted as it becomes available.



» At about 12:30 p.m., the aircraft was sighted near Weld County roads 32 and 39, about 7 miles east of Platteville, according to KOA.

» 12:55 p.m.: The aircraft is approaching Interstate 76 near the Keenesburg Cutoff, which is Weld County Road 49. This location is near Hudson, which is in south Weld County. 9News is reporting that the aircraft is at about 8,500 feet altitude.

Via Jeff Quinton: CNN reporting that officials fear boy may no longer be in the balloon.

3:20pm Eastern: Balloon rapidly losing helium. Has descended from about 8500 ft altitude down to 6500 ft.

Couldn’t watch it any longer. Twitter abuzz with news that the boy is not in the balloon.

Which should be a relief, but isn’t.

Where is he?


Oh, crikey: Found hiding in the attic.


Hmmm… if your son had been missing for hours, would you start out a press conference plugging your 3DLEV?!?!

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

The little boy tells the truth (via HA headlines) when asked why he didn’t come out of the attic: “You guys said that, um, we did this for a show.”

Rest of the video, in which Father Heene feigns indignance at being delicately questioned by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the boy’s disclosure, is at Breitbart TV.

One more hmmm

Richard Heene, in addition to attaining a level of reality TV fame on ABC’s “Wife Swap,” has his own amateur video series on YouTube in which he sizes up various pop culture phenomena.

For each topic, from the Loch Ness monster to Britney Spears’ chest, he asks the question “fake or real?”

…Richard Heene’s “Fake or Real” videos are little more than amusing first-person rants, delivered solo directly into the camera and typically lasting barely a minute.

In one video, dated Jan. 18, 2008, Heene takes on the airplane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr.

“I don’t know why it would make any sense to me,” Heene says, while driving in a car.

It often is difficult to tell if Heene is joking or being serious. In another clip he makes fun of people who say they see life on Mars.

“I want you guys to let me know,” he says before going into a five minute tirade with a NASA photo of Mars’ surface on his computer screen.

Using computer photo software he zooms in on random images and points out what could be “signs of life” — a bone, a skeleton key, eyes, high-rise buildings and a miniature skull, just to name a few.

Chiropractors, teleportation inventors and even Hilary Clinton (is she a reptile?) face similar treatment through Heene’s lens.

Click here to watch some of the videos on YouTube.

But Heene’s brief “Fake or Real” segments are only appetizers compared to some of the other video productions in which has been involved.

Heene also is part of a Web site called Videos on YouTube show him and two others debating science and pseudo-science issues, such as UFOs, as if auditioning for both Comedy Central and the Discovery Channel.

But while the Web site is prominently displayed and referred to during their videos, a search for the site Thursday night turned up a blank page.

If a criminal investigation hasn’t been initiated, it will be now.

The Storm Chasers are Fame Chasers who manipulated their kids into thinking they were “making a movie” — and then paraded them before hungry news outlets to continue the charade after wasting precious law enforcement and rescue resources.

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