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The Year of Living Eco-Sanctimoniously
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Do you remember the enviro couple from New York City that swore off toilet paper to save the planet?

I blogged about their “no impact” lifestyle two years ago:

So, they refuse to wipe their two-year-old’s bottom and have sworn off paper to save the trees.

But Daddy will kill how many of those trees selling books bragging about their impact-less lifestyles? (Beavan promises: “…the book will come out some time in 2009 (assuming the world, me and FSG all still exist). It will be printed and produced in some, yet to be determined, sustainable way.”) Uh-huh.

Like Al Gore, these people are beyond parody.

Well, they’ve emerged from their smelly eco-paradise — and are out and about on the p.r. trail, carbon footprint be damned, promoting both dead-tree books and packaged DVDs documenting their lives.

Newsbusters captures the green freak show.

Like I said: Beyond parody.

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