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Brazilians Goof on Obama: "Yes We Créu"
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Heh-heh. Brazilians are having fun popping Barack Obama’s bubble. Here’s your second Twitpic of the day:

“Yes We Créu” is now the hottest trending topic on Twitter.

Best of all? The Obama-bots can’t cry “RAAAAAAACIST!”


Here at home, the nutroots are hysterically attacking Olympics bid critics as, you guessed it, “un-American.”

To which I say: What do you have against people of color in a developing nation on a continent that has never hosted the Olympics?


Times of London: “Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency.”


From What The Trend:

Brazilian twitter-ers’ creation, It’s a pun on Barack Obama slogan “Yes, we can” ( and brazilian funk (musical style) performer MC Créu music ( It’s like “Yes we nail it”, but in a funny way. Refers to Rio de Janeiro being chosen as the host of the 2016 Olympics.

The man on the photo is Mussum, a deceased Brazilian humorist (

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