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NBC (The Network That Rigged Crash Tests, Staged Racism Stings & Faked Flood Coverage) Criticizes ACORN "Entrapment"
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Oh, this is so rich.

So, so rich.

Norah O’Donnell of NBC News fretted this morning that the ACORN sting videos “might be viewed as entrapment.”

Yes, she actually said it.

Mark Finkelstein has the transcript/video here.

Now, let me remind Ms. O’Donnell of the glorious history of news “entrapment” at NBC News.

Um, there was that little matter of the rigged GM truck crash tests by the fakers at Dateline:

There was the embarrassing stunt involving NBC News reporter Michelle Kosinski, who pretended to paddle through a treacherous

flooded area in a canoe…while passers-by sloshed by her and exposed the fact that she was rowing in a few inches of a water.

Oh, and there was the attempt by Dateline NBC (again!) to conduct Islamophobia stings at NASCAR races to expose how racist racing fans were (a news-gathering method also embraced by ABC News).

So, now that conservative alternative media has used the Professional Media’s time-worn tactics to expose taxpayer-funded ACORN’s illicit practices, NBC News is worried about “entrapment?”



Another Dateline NBC sting operation: To Catch a Predator.

Reader John e-mails about another egregious example of NBC staging exposed by William Tonso in Reason magazine:

Last year I called NBC to complain about its latest use of machine-gun footage in a story on semi-automatics. The gentleman who answered that call excused the juxtaposition as a mistake; he hung up when I pointed out that NBC had been making that same mistake for five years. When I called back to get his name, he hung up again. The next day I spoke with David McCormick, NBC’s man in charge of broadcast standards, who acknowledged that the network had received complaints about the “assault weapon” stories before and had tried to correct the problem. But he said it was hard to prevent rushed producers from grabbing whatever footage was handy when the topic of “assault weapons” came up. He was quite pleasant, even after I said that sloppiness seemed a lame excuse for the misleading juxtapositions NBC had aired for five years. After all, heads rolled at NBC over a single assisted explosion of a GM truck, but the network has yet to even acknowledge repeat edly misleading the public about “assault weapons.” Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, reports that NBC even aired one of these juxtapositions shortly after he spent several hours demonstrating the difference between semi-automatics and machine guns to an NBC crew.

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