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Kanye West Is a Jerk, Redux
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Kanye West — you know, the moron who suffered a Bush Derangement Syndrome attack in the middle of a Hurricane Katrina national telethon — made a fool of himself again tonight.

Aggrieved that country singer Taylor Swift beat out pop diva Beyonce for an MTV Video Music Award, he pounced on stage, ripped the microphone out of Swift’s hands and had a hissy fit on Beyonce’s behalf.

I’m sure he considers himself on par with Rosa Parks now:


Rolling Stone reports that Swift was in tears backstage, Kanye West was kicked out of the awards ceremony, and MTV house-band MC “Wale” defended West by saying “you can’t fault a man for speaking his mind.”

Kanye is no “man” and he is out of his mind.



Beyonce shows Kanye what class looks like:

A short history of Kanye jerkitute from Allahpundit here.

Plus: Imagining the prelude to an Obama/Kanye/Swift beer summit…egad.

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