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Cone of Shame Award Repeat: the Intransigence of Mark Sanford
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He lied to his family. He lied to his staff. He lied to his constituents. He manipulated government officials and abused taxpayer funds.

He took a defiant stand against being “railroaded.” But he’s the one responsible for building the tracks to disaster himself.

Half of his state wants him out of office.

But Marshall C. Sanford still won’t go. So now, the intransigent liar and cheater will have to be pushed. Both Democrat and Republican state lawmakers are preparing for impeachment this weekend.


Ralph Hallow at the Washington Times reports:

South Carolina Republican lawmakers are laying plans for a special session legislative session on whether to impeach and remove embattled Gov. Mark Sanford by the end of the year, several senior state lawmakers have told The Washington Times.

Republican lawmakers in the state House will use a regularly scheduled annual retreat in Myrtle Beach this weekend to discuss the governor’s fate and the details on whether to call a special impeachment session of the legislature before its scheduled reconvening in January, Rep. Gary Simrill, a Republican, told The Times on Thursday.

Two bills of impeachment already are being prepared – one by a Republican lawmaker and the other by a Democrat, Mr. Simrill said.

Mr. Simrill, who said he has voted about 80 percent of the time with the Republican governor, met privately with Mr. Sanford on Tuesday and urged him to resign but to no avail.

Expect more teary press conferences filled with Scripture quotes.

I hereby declare Mark Sanford a double Cone of Shame Award winner:

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