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Wait, It Gets Better: Cash for Coiffures!
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Cash for Clunkers.

Cash for Kitchens.

And now…Cash for Coiffures:

Arguing in favor of President Barack Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in January Democratic Congressman and senate candidate Paul Hodes claimed the stimulus act would “Reduce Soaring Unemployment.”

It hasn’t worked out that way.

Instead, according to a report issued by the New Hampshire Office of Economic Stimulus, the stimulus act has created only 96 private sector jobs and has “saved” a little over 700 state government jobs. Meanwhile unemployment has climbed to 6.8% since the stimulus became law.

The reason for the low level of job creation is easily gleaned from the so-called Progress Report issued on August 19th: At least $175,000,000 of the first $336 million of stimulus money spent in the New Hampshire has replaced existing state spending on education, housing and safety programs which may have been cut due to state budget constraints.

A investigation reveals almost $37,000 of that money went to a Bedford beauty school that does not grant degrees.

The Office of Economic Stimulus granted Coiffures by Michael, Inc. $35,088 in a “direct payment for specified use,” and another $1,571 in “student financial assistance.”

Coiffures by Michael runs Michael’s School of Hair Design and Esthetics. The school promises “no learner is left behind.” Guest speakers at the school include Dean Banowetz, the self-proclaimed “Hair Ho.”

The Generational Theft Act fraud gets more hair-raising every day.

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