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Photo credit: Joe Luppino-Esposito
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Last night on Hannity, I reminded folks about how the New York Times made millions selling pro-Obama merchandise. Many other MSM outlets have profited from sales of Obama swag and propaganda.

Now, check this out from Joe Luppino-Esposito at the Examiner:

Barack Obama’s campaign slogan “Yes we can!” became “Yes we did!” on November 4, 2008, thrilling his supporters nationwide.

Evidently, NBC also was quite pleased with the win, and the news network is still celebrating.

NBC is selling “YES WE DID” t-shirts online as well as at its Manhattan company store in Rockefeller Center.

“We,” NBC? Do you have a mouse in your pocket or are you just admitting how deep you’re in the tank for Obama?

Unlike the DVD NBC hawked back in November as “commemorative” to celebrate Obama’s “victorious history-making win,” the t-shirt is actually claiming success.

The store also features Barack and Michelle magnets, fit in between “Saved by the Bell,” “Superstar” and “The Tonight Show” memorabilia.

Ideologically invested. Financially invested. In the tank.


Here’s the NBC store website.

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