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What's the SEIU Up to Now?; Another Democrat Calls Obamacare Protesters "Political Terrorists"
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The Purple Shirts are hiring new musclemen to build an “organizing department.”

Watch out (hat tip: Crabby Con):

WAVE: Apply Now

YES! I want to help lead the strongest movement of working families in America.

Individuals interested in employment with SEIU’s organizing department should complete this application form. Please fill out all the fields. Applications without a full resume and cover letter will not be considered for this program.


Meantime, another Democrat lawmaker, Rep. Baron Hill of Indiana, is smearing town hall protesters as “political terrorists” — using the same language the SEIU’s Dennis Rivera used in his conference call with the purple mob last week.

The GOP wants an apology.

Don’t hold your breath. They’re just going to double down.

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