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White House: You'Re Not Un-American, But You Are Still Corporate Shills So Just Pipe Down
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President Obama wants you to stop talking and Robert Gibbs thinks you are all corporate-funded lackeys. But hey, they don’t question your patriotism. And now they welcome “a real vigorous conversation.”

Just keep it at an acceptable decibel level.


“I think there’s actually a pretty long tradition of people shouting at politicians in America,” White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton told reporters on Air Force One when asked about the comments.

“The President thinks that if people want to come and have a spirited debate about health care, a real vigorous conversation about it, that’s a part of the American tradition and he encourages that, because people do have questions and concerns …And so if people want to come and have their concerns and their questions answered, the President thinks that’s important. Now, if you just want to come to a town hall so that you can disrupt and so that you can scream over another person, he doesn’t think that that’s productive. And as a country, we’ve been able to make progress when people actually talk out what our problems are, not try to shout each other down.”

JWF wants a vigorous debate about the Associated Press spin on Obama’s upcoming Kabuki town hall meeting in Portsmouth NH.

The forum is ticket-only.

Tough crowd:

John Moran, 71, of Nottingham was among the many who went to the school to pick up tickets for an event marking Obama’s first trip to the Granite State since he took office in January.

Moran, a Democrat, said he is a strong Obama supporter who was thrilled when he got a call notifying him that he would have two tickets for today’s Town Hall forum.

The Nottingham resident said his wife — who will also be attending — was even more excited with the chance to see Obama live.

“She is really tickled. You should have seen her … she was jumping up and down,” Moran said.

Moran said he has a couple questions in mind if he is called on at the forum with one of them being how the president intends to get health insurance companies to work with him to reform health care.

No worries about being drowned out.


Flashback: Brian Faughnan’s study in contrast between Obama and Bush on dissent.

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