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How to Dress Like an "Authentic" Grass-Roots Activist
Fashion statement.
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My fellow members of The Mob: Barbara Boxer and Robert Gibbs have panned your fashion sense. Accordingly, I have compiled style tips from “authentic” grass-roots activists to assist you with proper wardrobe choices for your next congressional town hall outings (language warning!).

Dreadlocks, black power fists, and militant berets are de rigeur:

Nothing spells genuine grass-roots like blood-red paint:

Feathers keep it real:


When in doubt, go bullhorns and keffiyeh:

Prove your bona fides through flag desecration:

Profanity = sincerity:


More profanity, with Pelosi-approved swastikas:

Less is more:

If you’ve got the body, rock a Che bikini:


The ultimate grass-roots accessory…Impeach Bush socks!


And straight from Our Lady of Real America’s closet, argyle and $540 Lanvin sneakers to give you the street cred you’ve been missing:


More fashion advice: Jon at Exurban League has a fantastic sartorial tip sheet on how to “Dress for Redress.” Check it out!

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