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No Surprise: Lindsay Graham Will Vote for Sotomayor, Says She's "Bold" and "Edgy"
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He’s on the Senate floor right now praising Sonia Sotomayor’s “extraordinary record of academic achievement,” inspiring “life story,” and “great work ethic.”

He squawks several times that “elections have consequences.”

Predicts that she will be no more liberal than Souter.

“Time will tell.”

“There are things about this nominee that are troubling.”

But he’s gonna vote for her anyway.

“Do we want to exclude nominees that are bold? Edgy?”

What I wrote on July 13 when Graham spoke during the Senate hearing:

Graham rambles on about elections having consequences. Says he doesn’t know how he’ll vote. But I think Graham’s Kabuki act is rather transparent. He’ll wait for Sotomayor to reassure him that she can be impartial, and after all his obligatory sound and fury, he will vote for her.


Allah’s got the video, in case you need an emetic.

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