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Document Drop: DOJ Still Obstructing Justice in Black Panther Case
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It’s still festering. The political corruption of the Obama Justice Department, that is. When last we visited the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, AG Eric Holder had dismissed default judgments against the Philly NBPP thugs who menaced voters and poll workers on Election Day.

Who intervened? What parties inside and outside DOJ got involved? And why?

Thank goodness someone in Congress cares enough to ask the questions. GOP Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia has been pressing the DOJ. You will be quite interested in the exchanges between Holder’s office and Wolf’s.

Click here for PDFs of Wolf’s initial inquiry and DOJ’s initial response.

And here for Rep. Wolf’s most recent set of questions for AG Holder regarding its obstruction.

DOJ is preventing Rep. Wolf from meeting with the trial team. Why?

Rep. Wolf wants to know what communications Acting AAG for Civil Rights Loretta King had with Holder and his deputy attorney(s) prior to the case dismissal.

Rep. Wolf has asked DOJ which third-party interest groups communicated with the government about the case. Those communications are NOT privileged. He has also asked whether any Department lawyers or political employees besides the trial team engaged in any discussions with the NBPP thugs and their lawyers. Who did? Have they recused themselves?

On May 28, I reported that the DOJ said it had new evidence that caused DOJ to take the extremely unusual step of dismissing the default judgements in the case. I wrote at the time about my conversation with the DOJ press officer:

I asked what new evidence caused the Obama DOJ to make such an unprecedented move. He said he “wasn’t a lawyer” and would try and find out. Good luck with that.

Rep. Wolf is asking the same question now of Holder:

Holder, as I report extensively in my book Culture of Corruption (out on July 27 – preorder here), has a long history of meddling where and when he shouldn’t.

He simply can’t be trusted to be fair and impartial.

I spoke with Christopher Hill today. He was one of the poll workers whom the NBPP thugs harassed on Election Day. King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson — also serving as a Democrat Party poll worker — called him “cracker” several times while Shabazz brandished his baton. “They physically attempted to block me,” Hill recounted. He also saw a group of elderly ladies walk away from the polling site without voting while the duo preened in front of the entrance. “If you’re a poll watcher, you shouldn’t be dressed in paramilitary garb,” Hill said, as he wondered aloud at what would have happened if he had showed up in the same sort of costume.

Rep. Wolf asked Holder the same thing:

Indeed, for more on the NBPP thugs check out this recent National Geographic program on the radical racists. Thanks to Eric Holder, these supremacist bullies are free to show up at your polling place in full regalia and nightsticks, hurling racist, anti-American epithets and blocking entrances as you attempt to exercise your right to vote.

Caution: Department of Injustice at work.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)