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Democrats Reverse Obama on Auto Dealerships
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The House passed a Treasury appropriations bill last week that includes an amendment reversing President Obama on the closure of nearly 800 Chrysler car dealerships and more than 2,000 GM dealerships.

The amendment sponsor was Republican Steve LaTourette of Ohio. 215 Democrats and 4 Republicans voted for the overall package. Bipartisanship!

The most snort-worthy reaction from the White House:

The White House said Wednesday it strongly opposes the measure, arguing it would “set a dangerous precedent, potentially raising legal concerns, to intervene in a closed judicial bankruptcy proceeding on behalf of one particular group.”

Funny, Democrats had no problem advocating radical intervention in closed judicial bankrupty proceedings before.

And dealer favoritism by the White House, not Congress, is precisely what a majority of Democrats apparently think is the problem that needs fixing.

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