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Summer of Silliness: Obama and the Ogling Freeze Frame
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When President Obama bowed and scraped before the Saudi king, I gave it to him.

And he deserved it.

But the tizzy over the “ogling” photo is unfair.

I just watched the video and it’s clear to me he wasn’t even paying attention to the young girl in the wine-colored dress. Obama was helping another young woman down the stairs and glancing down to grab her hand. You can see him talking to the young woman (black sweater, printed skirt) while the supposed temptress made her way up in the other direction.

I don’t even think he saw the young girl he’s accused of checking out.

Sarkozy is another story.

Now, can we get back to Obama ogling and molesting our wallets?


I know, I know. There’s another shot of him supposedly checking out another woman’s backside. Guess what? I think it’s out of context, too.


Far more disturbing photo from G8…Obama’s PDA with Gaddafi:

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