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GOP Cap-and-Tax 8 Watch: Rep. Kirk Reportedly Out of Senate Race; Update: Still Waffling
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Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

Illinois media outlets are reporting that GOP Rep. Mark Kirk — a member of the GOP Cap and Tax 8 — is dropping out of the running for President Obama’s Senate seat.

I say good. The Republicans need a candidate who can actually distinguish himself from his job-killing, junk science-peddling opponents.

And yes, it looks like the cap-and-tax protests made a difference, according to the Washington Post.


Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk (R) will not run for the open seat of Sen. Roland Burris (D) in 2010, a stunning reversal from just 48 hours ago when Kirk signaled to National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) that he would make the race.

Kirk’s decision, a blow to Senate Republicans’ chances in Illinois, came in the wake of Burris’ formal retirement this afternoon.

It also followed a meeting of the Illinois Republican congressional delegation on Thursday in which his colleagues refused to back Kirk in a primary against Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna due, in large part, to his vote in favor of President Barack Obama’s climate change bill.

More on the latest developments and conflicting reports:

The Hill

Kirk’s imminent entry into the Senate race was reported widely, including by The Hill, and sources say he was set on running for the seat.

Kirk’s office has not commented and there is conflicting chatter among those close to him as to his exact intentions.

If Kirk doesn’t run, Republicans have much less of a chance at winning the seat, though they do appear to have a candidate in state party Chairman Andy McKenna.

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) announced Friday afternoon that he would not seek a full term in the Senate. That leaves state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D) as the only official candidate in the race.

10 letters: DLTDHYOTWO!


Update: He’s still waffling: “Kirk Says He’s Still Mulling Senate Race.”

Maybe a phone call from you will help ensure his exit:

(202) 225-4835

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