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Dumbest Pro-Sotomayor Op-Ed of the Week
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From the Seattle Times op-ed page:

“Sotomayor’s nomination is historic also because she is living successfully with diabetes.”

By contrast, the blogosphere has something other than puff pieces on Sotomayor to offer.

For example: Does Sotomayor have tax problems?

See here from law professor Glenn Reynolds and here from tax professor Paul Caron.

From Ed Whelan at The Bench: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sotomayor and Abortion for Undesired “Populations.”

And from Byron York: What Republicans will ask Sotomayor.

Wall-to-wall TV coverage of the nomination hearings kicks off on Monday. Look for a resurgence of “compelling personal story” stories and high-hurdles talk.

After all, “Sotomayor’s nomination is historic also because she is living successfully with diabetes!”

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