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Here Is the Cap-and-Tax "Placeholder:" Where's the Fine Print?
Transparency my foot.
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When I live-blogged the House debate on cap-and-tax last Friday, I noted the existence of a “placeholder” in the bill. Rep. Joe Barton mentioned it was unprecedented to have such a mechanism (allowing bill-writers to insert language to be determined after the law was approved) in a bill up for final passage. Later, I noted that Barney Frank explained on the floor on Friday that the placeholder in the cap and trade bill apparently will deal with regulations of financial derivatives market associated with reducing carbon emissions. Frank said he was confident a “good system will be in place.”

Well, I looked up the placeholder in Waxman’s late-night, 300-page manager’s amendment.

Here it is. First, in the table of contents:

And in the text:

Now, since everyone in Washington is so concerned with fine print, why don’t they show us the fine print of the missing section of this bill.

Where is it?

Has the Energy Czar seen it?

Will the members of the Senate see it?

How about the GOP’s Cap-and-Tax 8?

Call them. Ask them.

Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

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