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Cap-and-Tax Job Loss Chart of the Day; Plus: A Senate Reading Assignment
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Photoshop: Leo Alberti

A reader with deep expertise in the mining industry took the time to break down the House members who voted yes to cap-and-tax on Friday by coal-producing state. He writes:

I just developed a table of all the Representatives from coal-producing states who voted for Cap & Trade. Included on the table is 2007 statistics for surface-mined and underground-mined coal production (1000s of st) from each of the coal-producing states; number of employees in the coal mining industry for each coal-producing state; number of union employees in the coal industry in each coal-producing state; and the Representative and district represented for each of the cretins who voted for Cap and Trade from, again, each of the coal-producing states.

It is interesting to note…that the coal mines are very capital intensive. That is, they require very large investments in capital equipment to mine the coal. Now, Harnischfeger Corp, a division of Joy Global, makes large mining shovels and draglines. Joy Global is based out of Milwaukee (100 East Wisconsin Ave., Suite 2780, Milwaukee). Its workers are likely union (I’m looking into the numbers and union affiliation), most likely Steel Workers, UAW and/or Teamsters. Joy Mining Machinery manufactures large, expensive underground mining machinery.

Bucyrus International is another manufacturer of large mining machinery–large shovels and draglines, large underground equipment. It, too, is based out of Milwaukee (PO Box 500, 1100 Milwaukee Ave., Milwaukee). It, too, is very much a union operation (Steelworkers , etc).

And then there’s Caterpillar Corp. As we all know, it’s based out of Peorial, Il. Steelworkers, too. Remember this:

“EAST PEORIA, Ill. – President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan may be good for Caterpillar Inc., but the company’s chief executive says the equipment maker will probably have to lay off more staff before it starts thinking about rehiring any of the more than 22,000 employees it already plans to cut.

Even if a stimulus plan passes, it likely will not have an effect on the economy until late this year or early 2010, CEO Jim Owens said after a town hall meeting with the president and Caterpillar workers at a company tractor plant here on Thursday.”

The effect of Cap and Trade on the coal mines and their employees is only the tip of the iceberg. What about all the suppliers? These are just some of the big equipment manufacturers, but there are many, many smaller companies. What about the local suppliers of fuel oil to power those great big haul trucks. Fuel’s going to go up, too.

I put together this table because it’s not only the “Fool 8” republicans who voted for this atrocity that should be given the boot in 2010. Any and all of the Representatives from coal-producing states who voted for Cap and Trade should be given the Bum’s Rush next election.

I’ve uploaded the entire spreadsheet from reader MINER51 here.

If you live in one of these states, be sure to send a copy to your Senate reps. Who knows? Maybe they’ll actually read it before they vote.



On a related note, it seems like people are waking up to the story I blogged and columnized about last week regarding EPA’s suppressed global warming study (see June 24 and June 26). Alan Carlin’s study, which you read about in full here just past midnight on June 26, should be required reading for every single Senator before the cap-and-tax vote next week.

Anthony Watts has the final version of the report here.

I’d like to see someone read the entire study on the Senate floor.

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