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Melt the Phones: Cap-and-Tax Target List
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The House will vote on the cap-and-tax bill today. Make your voice heard. Phil Kerpen at AFP has compiled a very helpful list, which I’m reprinting in full here. Check AFP site for latest updates and alerts.

Ask ’em how they can ram through this eco-boondoggle with EPA hide-and-seek games on global warming science going on unchecked:

We need your help to stop the cap-and-trade energy tax!

The time has finally come for a vote on cap-and-trade, H.R. 2454. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called a vote just before the 4th of July recess, hoping to use the specter of keeping everyone in DC and ruining their holiday, to force cap-and-trade legislation through.

This is the key target list based on our most recent information. If your Congressman is on an undecided or leaning list below PLEASE click here and enter your zip code to get your representative’s number and talking points on this issue.

If you have new information please let me know at pkerpen at

Republican List (Unlisted are solid no)

Solid Yes

Bono, Mary California

Lean Yes

Castle, Michael Delaware

Ehlers, Vernon Michigan

Lance, Leonard New Jersey

McHugh, John New York

Reichert, Dave Washington


Buchanan, Vern Florida

Kirk, Mark Illinois

Lobiondo, Frank New Jersey

Petri, Thomas Wisconsin

Smith, Chris New Jersey

Lean No

Fortenberry, Jeffrey Nebraska

Frelinghuysen, Rod New Jersey

Gerlach, Jim Pennsylvania

Johnson, Timothy Illinois

Democratic List (Unlisted are solid yes)

Lean No

Boswell, Leonard Iowa

Etheridge, Bob North Carolina

Halvorson, Debbie Illinois

Hinojosa, Ruben Texas

Kaptur, Marcy Ohio

Marshall, Jim Georgia

Massa, Eric New York

Minnick, Walt Idaho

Mollohan, Alan West Virginia

Rahall, Nick West Virginia

Salazar, John Colorado


Arcuri, Michael New York

Bishop, Sanford Georgia

Boccieri, John Ohio

Boyd, Allen Florida

Brown, Corrine Florida

Carney, Chris Pennsylvania

Davis, Lincoln Tennessee

Dicks, Norm Washington

Donnelly, Joe Indiana

Foster, Bill Illinois

Green, Al Texas

Jackson Lee, Sheila Texas

Johnson, Eddie Texas

Kind, Ronald Wisconsin

Kirkpatrick, Ann Arizona

McIntyre, Mike North Carolina

Ortiz, Solomon Texas

Space, Zach Ohio

Teague, Harry New Mexico

Tonko, Paul New York

Lean Yes

Abercrombie, Neil Hawaii

Adler, John New Jersey

Baca, Joe California

Bean, Melissa Illinois

Cardoza, Dennis California

Clay, William Missouri

Cooper, Jim Tennessee

Costa, Jim California

Driehaus, Steve Ohio

Fudge, Marcia Ohio

Grayson, Alan Florida

Kagan, Steve Wisconsin

Kildee, Dale Michigan

Kosmas, Suzanne Florida

Kratovil, Frank Maryland

Maffei, Dan New York

Mary Jo Kilroy Ohio

McMahon, Michael New York

Meek, Kendrick Florida

Meeks, Gregory New York

Mitchell, Harry Arizona

Murphy, Scott New York

Nye, Glenn Virginia

Peters, Gary Michigan

Rodriguez, Ciro Texas

Schauer, Mark Michigan

Shuler, Heath North Carolina

Skelton, Ike Missouri

Thompson, Bennie Mississippi

Solid No

Altmire, Jason Pennsylvania

Barrow, John Georgia

Berry, Marion Arkansas

Boren, Dan Oklahoma

Bright, Bobby Alabama

Childers, Travis Mississippi

Costello, Jerry Illinois

Cuellar, Henry Texas

Dahlkemper, Kathy Pennsylvania

Davis, Artur Alabama

Defazio, Peter Oregon

Doggett, Lloyd Texas

Edwards, Chet Texas

Ellsworth, Brad Indiana

Griffith, Parker Alabama

Herseth, Stephanie South Dakota

Holden, Tim Pennsylvania

Kissell, Larry North Carolina

Kucinich, Dennis Ohio

Matheson, Jim Utah

Melancon, Charlie Louisiana

Pomeroy, Earl North Dakota

Ross, Mike Arkansas

Scott, David Georgia

Tanner, John Tennessee

Taylor, Gene Mississippi

Wilson, Charlie Ohio

If your Congressman is on an undecided or leaning list below PLEASE click here and enter your zip code to get your representative’s number and talking points on this issue.

If you have new information please let me know at pkerpen at

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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