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Cap and Tax Liveblog, Pt II: Pay Attention to House Floor Games; 14 Undecideds; Let's Play "Where's the Bill?"
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(Continuing from morning liveblogging…keep refreshing browser for latest updates…)

At approx. 2:35pm Eastern, GOP Rep. Joe Barton announced that there is now a placeholder in the bill to be determined later.

Barton notes that this is unprecedented. He can’t recall any final passage of a bill that has a placeholder in it.

What the hell is going on?

This is deliberation? This is transparency?

Barton continues: “If you haven’t made your deal yet, come on down to the floor.” Waxman is making deals to pass the cap and trade bill right on the House floor.

Barton: “This is unprecedented…At least he’s doing it out in the open now.”

2:49pm: Corruptocrat Rangel chastises Republicans and praises horse-trading, deal-trading on the floor. “This vote will be remembered by the world.”

2:57pm: Dem Rep Levin calls cap-and-trade a “moral imperative.” What would these thieves & sneaks know about moral imperatives?

3:00pm: Overwrought Dem. Rep. John Larson inveighs against sucking up to Saudi Arabia.

Hey, I agree. Tell it to Barack Bow Wow Obama.

Too bad Rep. Larson can’t summon up half his passion in support for drilling in America to get us to energy independence.


Via Andrew Moylan of National Taxpayers Union, the 14 undecideds:

Arcuri, Boccieri, Brown (FL), Carney, Dicks, Donnelly, Al Green, Kind, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Petri, Space, Teague, Tonko.


3:23pm: Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan just invoked 9/11 in support of cap and trade.

Left approves of exploiting 9/11 for national energy tax.


3:38pm: Shadegg: The science is not settled.

3:52pm: Sheila Jackson Lee back on the floor to brag on herself for “improvements” to the bill and job loss protection measures.

But, of course, Dems continue to insist no jobs will be lost!


4:02pm: Barney Frank on the floor. The placeholder has to do with regulating financial derivatives related to reducing carbon emissions. Says he’s confident they’ll have a good system in place.

Trust Barney Frank?


4:05pm: Excellent exchange between chair and GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert. He asks for a physical copy of the 300-page-plus late-night amendment filed out of public view. Chair cannot tell him where one is. Rules him out of order for not making parliamentary inquiry. Chair stumped.

Barton asks chair if there is any rule requiring copy of bill being voted on to be nearby. Chair: Not that I’m aware of.

Barton asks if official copy is necessary to be at desk for final vote.

Chair says it’s at the desk. Barton says it’s not the official copy. Markey tells him to go to the cloakroom and look it up on the web.

Markey says the full bill and manager’s amendment is on the desk.

Chair rules that all the piles of paper at the desk “in effect” are an “official copy.”


By the way, the manager’s amendment is in PDF form here.

4:22pm: Shadegg presses on access to bill at desk again. Chair says clerk is “integrating” pages of bill.

Rep. Bilbray: The biggest threat to environment is the smoke coming from the backroom deals surrounding this bill.

4:48pm: GOP Rep. Tom Price asks for moment of silence for all those who will lose their jobs under cap and trade. Heh. Request denied.

Rep. Pence: We can stop this bill. We can do better. And we must!

4:53pm: GOP Rep. Barton refers to suppressed EPA Carlin report. “The science is not there.”

Barton cites Spain’s green jobs boondoggle. Costs 2.2 regular jobs for every green job. “That’s not a revolution I want to be a part of.”

5:09pm: Ed Markey invokes “moral imperative” — pet phrase of the Left today.

Global warming cult at work.

Waxman responds with emotional global warming babble.

5:17pm: Connie Hair reports from top GOP sources that Dems have pulled Patrick Kennedy out of rehab to vote.

Yes, it’s that close.

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