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Two Disappearing Acts, One Tabloid Circus
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(See update on Sanford fiasco here…)

So, South Carolina GOP Gov. Mark Sanford disappeared and the story of where the hell he has been keeps changing.

Yes, it’s weird. Disturbingly weird that he would vanish on Father’s Day weekend and leave his wife and four sons in the dark. It’s weird and creepy and something’s not right.

But the wall-to-wall tabloid circus coverage of the story is ridiculous.

I am much more concerned about the forced disappearing act that the Obama administration has performed on all the inspectors general, aren’t you?

Where’s the wall-to-wall coverage of those unsolved mysteries?


Maybe if the IGs showed up in Argentina, the press would give their disappearances the attention they deserve.


The latest: 145 signatories have sent a letter to the Senate defending the integrity and competency of Gerald Walpin, former IG for the Corporation for National and Community Service. The signers include 4 former U.S. Attorneys, 3 former Federal Judges, 1 former Attorney General, 1 former Counsel to the President (Clinton), 1 former Special White House Counsel for Ethics, 1 former NYC Police Commissioner, 1 former law school dean, and 5 currrent and former Presidents of the Bar Association of lawyers in the Second Circuit and the President-elect.

Some notable signers include: former U.S. Attorneys (Otto Obermaier; John Martin; Zachary Carter; Andrew Maloney); Former Federal Judges (Michael Mukasey; Abraham Sofaer; John Martin); Former Attorney-General (Michael Mukasey); Former Counsel To President (Bernard Nussbaum); Former Special Counsel to President for Ethics (Richard Painter); Former NYC Police Commissioner (Robert McGuire); Former Law School Dean (Monroe Freedman; Former and current Presidents of Federal Bar Council and President-elect (Robert Giuffra, Stephen Edwards, Bernard Nussbaum, George Yankwitt, Mark Zauderer, Robert Anello).

I’ve uploaded the letter here.

Moe Lane looks at the latest on the IG scandal here.

Byron York keeps his eye on the ball.

Andy McCarthy: “Jerry Walpin is a superb lawyer, a terrific guy, a patriot, and a real public servant who performed with dedication and skill as inspector general. I understand, and am not surprised at all to hear, that he was highly regarded by his staff. I haven’t yet heard a good explanation for why there was not a prosecution in the case that caused him to cross swords with the Obama administration: At the U.S. Attorney’s Office I worked in, people who appeared to have committed fraud with public money were aggressively investigated and, if culpable, prosecuted — regardless of party affiliation. While we anxiously await a response on why the U.S. attorney in California dropped the investigation of an Obama-insider, what we’ve heard so far seems confused, disoriented, and indicative of an inability to answer questions.”

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