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Hannah Garman, 2004-2009, R.I.P.
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Just wanted to take a pause from politics and policy and world affairs to let you all know that 5-year-old Hannah Garman has died.

Hannah was diagnosed with a rare, incurable brain tumor in October 2008. Hannah’s mother died of cancer three years ago. Many of you joined last December in sending prayers and well wishes to Hannah, who wished for Christmas cards from across the country. She touched so many of us. Her too-brief life reminds us how precious all life is. Her father’s love reminds us how precious all our children are.

Darin Garman’s message at Hannah’s CaringBridge page:

Tonight at 5:45 Hannah went home to be with Jesus. She was surrounded by family & passed peacefully. Right now I’m pretty exhausted. It’s been a long day. Please pray for the family & me over this tough time.


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