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Inconvenient Truths: Holocaust Museum Shooter Hated Fox News, Murdoch; Weekly Standard Possible Target
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I noted yesterday and this morning that Holocaust Museum nutball was an equal-opportunity hater.

He railed against Fox News and Rupert Murdoch.

And now this:

FBI agents visited the offices of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine yesterday after a shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and told employees they’d found the magazine’s address

A senior Standard staffer confirmed the visit but declined to discuss it in detail. An FBI spokeswoman, Katherine Schweit , also declined to comment on the investigation.

Two other sources said two FBI agents arrived shortly after 5:00 p.m. Thursday at the 17th Street offices of the magazine. They told staffers that they had found the address of the magazine on a piece of paper associated with the shooter, James von Brunn, and asked whether the Standard had received any threats.

The magazine is about a mile north of the Holocaust Museum, and there’s no other indication that von Brunn had targeted it. Von Brunn’s published rants included attacks on “neocons,” and the Standard has been at the heart of the neoconservative movement.

The suggestion that the Standard may have been a target complicates any view of the racist shooter in contemporary left-right terms.

No, they’ll just ignore whatever doesn’t fit The Narrative.

Keep screaming “RIGHT WING! RIGHT WING!” and don’t let reality intrude.


A glimmer of back-handed conscience from liberal writer Jason Zengerle at TNR:

The murder of Stephen Tyrone Johns by James Von Brunn was a political act. That said, I think it’s premature to start making political arguments about the shooting a mere two hours after it occurs–especially if the arguments are being directed at people who didn’t have anything to do with the shooting. I’m as sick of Michelle Bachman and Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin as anyone, but, frankly, I have a hard time seeing how their (stupid and misguided and unfair) criticisms of the DHS report led or even contributed to Johns’s shooting…I mean, a white supremacist nutjob walks into the Holocaust Museum, guns down a security guard, and people’s immediate response is to think about what some idiot said on a mindless Fox News show two months ago?! I just thought a little more time should have passed before something this terrible got turned into yet another, frivolous cable debate segment.

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