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No, the moron of the day award does not go to the Neanderthal who published a Top 10 list (now yanked from the site and replaced with a Playboy model shoving her backside at readers) of conservative women he’d like to “hatef*ck.”

The moron of the day award goes to Anne Schroeder Mullins at Politico, who cluelessly embraced and promoted the porn magazine’s misogynist drivel — and completely misrepresented the list to Politico’s readers by whitewashing all the vulgarity out of it:

Mullins (or a commenter using her name) admits in the comments section of her moronic post that she deserves the award:

I am truly pathetic to promote an article that advocates rape of conservative women.

Posted By: Anne Schroeder Mullins | June 01, 2009 at 08:55 PM

OK, I admit it. I am truly pathetic.

Posted By: Anne Schroeder Mullins | June 01, 2009 at 08:57 PM

Writes another Politico commenter:

Anne Schroeder Mullins- You must be one of three things: 1. an idiot who didn’t understand the article, 2. a moron who didn’t even bother to read the article, 3. an offensive jackass and sexist who thought an article about fantasy raping women is amusing and worth sharing. Either way, you suck.

Posted By: fed-nad | June 01, 2009 at 10:58 PM

We concur.


Runner-up: writer Gabriel Winant for “Screwing Michelle Malkin.” Winant says he found the attack “creepy,” but admits the piece “managed to get one or two guilty smiles out of me.”

Which part made you smile, creep? (Language warning):

Of TownHall columnist Amanda Carpenter, [ columnist] Cimbalo writes, “The Hate Fuck Rating: This foul temptress is a walking, talking Faustian fuck bargain.” Michelle Malkin is a “highly fuckable Filipina” and a “Beelzebabe.” And “The View”’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck is just begging for defilement: “She’s the clean-cut American sweetheart who elicits our filthiest thoughts. Endlessly perky, this golden goddess probably has her Catholic school uniform still in the closet, and she wouldn’t mind putting it on before taking it off for a session of sweaty, anti-American hate fucking.”


Ed Driscoll has a round-up here.

Caleb Howe took screenshots of the entire hit piece before disappeared it.

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