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Live from the Cali Tax Revolt
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In advance of the Tuesday special election to tax the wazoos out of Californians, KFI’s John and Ken held another revolt rally today.

Liveblogging here, including this terrific photo:

You won’t see it in the L.A. Times. They only cover rallies they agree with, remember?

Gov. Taxinator is pulling out all the stops with a desperate fear-mongering campaign to scare voters into approving billions in new tax increases. Five of six measures are failing:

The yes side has spent six times as much as the no side, but five of the six propositions are losing, according to a statewide 10News poll.

Proposition 1A, which would set aside money for a rainy day fund and extend recent tax increases, is failing by 13 points.

Proposition 1B, which would require payments to schools, is losing by nine points…

…Schwarzenegger also said no votes would add $6 billion to the state deficit and lead to cuts in schools, health and welfare programs and a wide variety of other state programs.

[Escondido City Councilmember Marie] Waldron said, “I would call that a scare tactic.”

But with more money spent and the support of firefighters and police, and teachers and health care, why are the propositions trailing?

“People are tired of other people reaching into their pockets. That’s what it really boils down to,” said [San Miguel Fire Chief Augie] Ghio.

The only proposition passing in the 10News poll is Prop. 1F, which would prohibit pay raises for legislature, governor and other elected officials if the state is expected to have a deficit.

It is leading by 10 points, according to the poll.

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