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How to File an FEC Complaint Against "Specter for the Cure"
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Arlen Specter’s campaign finance travesty deserves more than just mockery. It deserves action. Here are screenshots of his misleading “Specter for the Cure” website, which is a slimy front to raise campaign funds:

And the fine print buried at the bottom of the home page:

Here is how you file an FEC complaint.

Here are the FEC rules governing disclaimer notices on fundraising solicitiations, which Specter’s website do not seem to follow — unless you are reading it with a magnifying glass:

How and Where must the Disclaimer Appear?

In order to give the reader sufficient notice about the person(s) paying for or authorizing a public communication regardless of its medium, the disclaimer notice must be “clear and conspicuous” on the committee’s communications, solicitations and response materials. The notice will not be considered to be “clear and conspicuous” if:

* It is difficult to read or hear; or

* The notification is placed where it can be easily overlooked.

11 CFR 110.11(c)(1).


The Specter camp will point to the disclosures at the bottom of the “Donate Now” page (which you have to click through on the front page to access) as evidence of FEC compliance.

“Clear and conspicuous?”

You be the judge.

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