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Tweet of the Day: Canadian Leftwing Extremist Alert
Oh, Canada.
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Antonia Zerbisias is a columnist and blogger for the Living section of the Toronto Star. Just thought you (and her editors) might be interested in what this “mainstream” journalist wrote on her Twitter account tonight:

Zerbisias lives and works in Canada, where they put critics of sharia law on trial for hate speech.

But you know, this is just good humor.

Zerbisias lamely tried to cover her backside by arguing that she meant that she wished that I didn’t get hit because Cheney is a bad shot.

See, “I wish the marksmen would take @MichelleMalkin” really means the opposite of what she wrote!

Yeah. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot there, Antonia Z. The point is that Cheney hit a person instead of the quail. And that’s exactly what you meant.

But since you’re a mainstream journalist and you’re a lib, you think you are entitled to get a pass — and then entitled to play victim and complain about how all the meanie rightwing extremists went after you.

Life’s so good when you’re a tolerant leftist.



Living Editor: Alison Uncles

Phone: 416-869-4015

Fax: 416-869-4410

Email: [email protected]

Managing Editor: Joe Hall

The main newsroom phone number is 416-869-4300; fax 416-869-4328; email [email protected]

General inquiries can be sent to:

Editorial Department

Toronto Star

One Yonge Street, Fifth Floor

Toronto, Ontario

M5E 1E6

Please exhibit the politeness and civility that Zerbisias lacks.

Zerbisias’s Twitter account prominently advertises her affiliation with the Toronto Star:


Looks like Zerbisias has quite a history accusing others of hate speech:

June, 2006, will always be remembered for the arrest of 17 suspected terrorists in Ontario. But we may also recall it as the time when Antonia Zerbisias accused Christie Blatchford of “hate speech.”

Zerbisias, who writes a column about media in the Toronto Star, reflects the current cliches of the left with superb accuracy. She writes with a certain angry vigour, particularly when dealing with anyone who says a kind word about the U.S. government. But candid writing offends her if it comes from the other side of the argument.

That’s how she came to deliver a libelous accusation against Blatchford, a National Post alum who now writes for The Globe and Mail.

An amazing number of people, from the cops to CBC news editors, have tried their best to ignore the fact that the 17 arrestees are accused of a plot to kill in the name of Islam. Police blandly informed us that the accused came from all sections of our society (the employed, the unemployed, students, etc.), but failed to note this one central fact.


Blatchford, in her familiar style, reacted with fury against this craven pusillanimity. She accused the police and others of “ignoring the biggest elephant in the room.” As Blatchford said, Chief Bill Blair of the Toronto police even bragged about his force’s refusal to say in public what the police (like everyone else) knows: “I would remind you,” Blair said, “that there was not one single reference made by law enforcement to ‘Muslim’ or ‘Muslim community'” during the post-arrest news conference on Saturday.

Blatchford said that any fool should be able to figure out what their religion is — “They have first names like Mohamed, middle names like Mohamed and last names like Mohamed.”

For this statement of truth, Blatchford was compared to a Nazi. Her Globe column was “a Christie-nacht screed against a single community, tantamount to hate speech,” Zerbisias wrote.

The phrase “Christie-nacht” presumably struck the author as a brilliant bon mot. But in fact, the punned reference to the Nov. 9, 1938, Kristallnacht pogrom against Germany’s Jews represents both a libel against Blatchford and a snide insult to the memory of those Jews who perished at Nazi hands. If anyone can claim fealty to the Nazis’ habits of mind, it is the Islamofascists, not their enemies.

Yet as appalling as Zerbisias’s column may be, she is actually on-message: Since news of the 17 arrests broke, her newspaper has been doing its best to convince readers that the greatest threat facing Canada isn’t suicide bombers, but the stigmatization of the community from which they originate.


More: I’d completely forgotten that this sharia apologist had written about me before during the Mohammed Cartoon episode.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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