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A Few Words About the Freddie Mac CFO Suicide
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David Kellerman, 41, the chief financial officer of troubled government-sponsored enterprise Freddie Mac, reportedly killed himself sometime last night or early this morning. Family members contacted police before 5 am after discovering the body in his Fairfax VA home. Lots of speculation and wild-eyed conspiracies already taking off.

Yes, Freddie Mac is in financial meltdown. Yes, other business execs have taken their lives.

Yes, maybe, Kellerman took his life out of despair over the state of Freddie Mac’s books.

And maybe he didn’t.

Life is complicated. People have turmoil and torment outside the workplace. As the Lupoe family murder-suicide case in Los Angeles showed, it’s irresponsible to blame bad economic times before all the evidence is in. As the accused Craigslist killer case shows, people are not always what they seem.

The Washington Post says Kellerman did not leave a suicide note. This news account says otherwise.

Until the police or Kellerman family say more, I’d rather not listen to babbling about “econocide” and Vince Foster paranoia.

Oh, and however this story unfolds, if Charles Grassley isn’t feeling a little bit awful right now for joking about suicide, he should be.

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