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The Janeane Garofalo of Academia
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It’s one thing for Hollywood twit Janeane Garofalo to smear the Tea Party movement as RAAAAACIST. We expect ignorant celebrities to be ignorant. But when newspapers phone up “experts” in academia to provide commentary and analysis on social and political trends, it would be nice if they based their assessments on reality, wouldn’t it?

In the Christian Science Monitor today, one professor of emeritus plays the Janeane Garofalo of academia:

Jeffrey Kimball, a professor emeritus of history at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, says the protesters seemed to represent the most extreme adherents of American conservatism, hardly representative of the average American.

“We may have just seen the whole movement” at these protests, says Mr. Kimball. “I don’t see it as a groundswell, but a manifestation by those people who form the core of … the extreme right reacting both to the condition of our time and President Obama – he’s black and he’s liberal.

Where’s my cluebat?

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger booed at Sacramento Tea Party: White and Republican.

California GOP chairman Ron Nehring booed at Sacramento Tea Party: White and Republican.

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Sens. Orrin Hatch, and Bob Bennett all booed at Salt Lake City Tea Party: White and Republican.

Rep. Gresham Barrett booed at Greenville SC Tea Party: White and Republican.

Reality doesn’t fit Hollywood’s narrative — or left-wing academia’s. Must be lovely to live life immunized from the truth.

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