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Where Will You be for Tax Day Tea Party?
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I’ll be in Sacramento CA to cover the Tax Day Tea Party. FNC and FBN’s Neil Cavuto show will be broadcasting live. Lloyd Marcus will be there to sing the Tax Day Tea Party anthem. And thousands of fed-up taxpayers are expected to converge to take on the big government spenders in both parties. GOP Gov. Schwarzenegger (The Taxinator) is pushing several special ballot measures including Prop1A, which would enact $16 billion worth of “temporary” tax increases under the guise of creating a fiscally responsible rainy day fund. Taxpayers aren’t buying it.

Where will you be practicing your “rightwing extremism” tomorrow? Get your tea on!

(Which reminds me: Don’t forget the Portsmouth Tea company, which has come out publicly in support of the Tea Party movement. Their tea is amazing — and their support for free markets and free minds makes it taste all the sweeter.)

More guest blog posts coming today and tomorrow from Tea Party organizers. Stay tuned.


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Great Tea Party coalition vid here.

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