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I will be taking a few days off the blog beginning this afternoon for various and sundry reasons, though I will post my next syndicated column tomorrow and will be posting new lead stories through my Easter “break.”

While I’m tied up with other duties, we will have some wonderful guest bloggers pitching in.

Doug Powers will be helping out. He is a columnist and author residing in Michigan, where he is one of only three people in the state who don’t earn their living driving outbound moving vans. Doug’s weekly column runs Mondays at WorldNetDaily, and he has written for the American Thinker, the American Spectator, Glenn Beck and various media outlets. Doug blogs at

I’m also honored to be sharing our blog house with many grass-roots tax revolt activists and Tea Party organizers. Stay tuned for their inspiring stories and updates. And make sure you’re current on all the latest Tea Party happenings:


For my readers of faith, may you have a blessed Easter or Passover.

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